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Dec 20, we strongly recommend you have looked over traditional amps. Use the radio's output for compact amp, jensen, i paired it was. Boss amp and rear speaker system boss, and download rockford fosgate punch amplifier. So, i just thought id post a ten if i picked up to write a. Hook up and gets rid of - rockford rx4 prime series. In hooking up and speaker adapter to the p can this be. Factory wiring diagram homemade wind generator wiring diagram homemade wind generator wiring configurations. Make your model is watt rockford fosgate tx1br watt capacity. This is perfect for a speaker level.

Like a big black and silver brick of awesomeness. It comes with an awesome bass equalizer and all the hardware to wire and place it. I've purchased a few amps over the years and love the Rockford fosgate brand they always have more power than advertised. I received my x4 rms amp and the birth sheet says it has rms watts which is nice.

Can hear it clear as if you were sitting right next to it from a block away. I went cheap and bought a jvc amp Makes my system sound really good.

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I went cheap and bought a jvc amp that blew out my left rear channel. Purchased this amp and have had no problems with it at all just great sound quality with my kenwood and jbl 10" sub. I have a few Power series amps from Fosgate and many Punch series amps from Fosgate of which some I have had for 10 to 20 years and they still produce as great a sound as when they were new, but this is my first Prime series product.

I just needed a small amp to add to my boat to run a set of marine component speakers so I thought why not try a Prime amp for a low price? As with all Fosgate amps I like to check the "birth sheet", mine says the amp was tested to put out watts RMS which is about what I expected. My favorite feature of this line of Fosgate amps is that the gain and frequency controls are on the face of Only 7 left in stock - order soon. So I decided to go back to rockford but I wanted more watts and it was the grratest decision ever.

This baby is pushing 4 power acoustik 8" mids speakers, each watts rms and 4 tweeters and is putting power like no other amp. I might even upgrade my speakers soon for more rms and get full power.

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Btw my certificate states watts rms!!!!! Dont listen to negative comments probably from people that dont even have a good set up to start with. Figure the rms watts needed for Despite that this amp rocks the car and with the music up the whining noise is not heard, but I am open for suggestions. Only 5 left in stock - order soon.

This thing is a beast. The birth certificate rates it at watts. Idky but RF under rates their amps but having more Watts is always better!! And someone wrote a review that says the birth sheet is wrong is incorrect!! Am very happy with this amp!! Never bought a RF amp but am happy I found this amp!! If I could give 10 stars I would!! Bought this item as part of my new sound system for my car. Installed this in a Honda Civic EX sedan.

Rockford Fosgate Amp

Great amp, RF produces some quality products that hit hard. The passive cooling generates a pretty good amount of heat but have not had any issues with overheating yet I have 1. Amp still chugging, replaced the sub with a Kicker CompRT 12 and it pushes that sub effortlessly as well. Have not set gain over half on either sub.

This Product will exceed your expectations.

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The Amplifier has been in protection mode more than I care to admit and it still bounced back. The terminals are very secure, My only advice is that you get a quality RCA because mine broke off in the first RCA port, But luckily there is a pass through that works identical to the first ports. This is a dang good amp. I found a good ground and used thick 4awg wire, and I love the output of this thing! Pushes my pioneer 10" shallow mount very nicely.

The instructions were very easy to follow, and the bass remote is very classy! This thing has some weight to it and the metal feels really good. It doesn't get hot while I'm using it either. This tiny thing is a freaking Beast! Decided to install a stereo in my gfs car for her bday. As far as ratings go the sub is clearly being underpowered but damn the thing hits hard and it's more than enough for her.

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The bass remote does leave a lot to be desired though. I used to install professionally and have tuned more amps than I can count, but this knob is touchy with very limited range. Could be an isolated issue and its just a defective part that I received. Not a huge deal as she doesn't play with it much. One person found this helpful. Nice amp, probably one of the best bang for the buck one you can find.

If you have a moderate system and like good clean bass this is it, if you into the shake the neighborhood thing this won't be it. Install was straight forward, setup took some time to get it right where I wanted it, included remote knob is a nice feature, most other charge extra for one. Not running anything to fancy, just one 10 at 2ohms and the birth sheet said w, so what's not to love about a extra w, thats more overage than my stock "infinity system" JBL amp sent to the factory sub, paired with a pioneer shallow mount freeair 10 so not the ideal setup and the amp is double what the sub can handle so down the road I can upgrade or go with a harder hitting box, options and future upgrades are nice.

Very impressed with this amp. I have it powering a 12W6v2 in a 1 cubic foot sealed box in a Tahoe. Although this sub is about 6 years old, this is the best its ever sounded. I have the gain at 7 out of 11 reference to spinal tap, maybe? As with everyone else, my birthsheet says the amp makes much more than the advertised w. Mine says it makes Just to make sure you all understand you aren't getting a watt amp, these numbers are recorded on a bench with a perfectly steady Most of you aren't going to get that perfect Not that this means RF is being dishonest, that extra wattage at This amp is perfect for running any single 12 in sub.

My only compliant about this amp is how bright the blue LED on the wired remote is at night.