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We both had our eyes on each other before he got to my table and once he did we clicked instantly. Since then it's been nothing but happiness. We both are amazed by how well suited for each other we are and how it seems we've known each other for far longer. We always talk about how crazy it is that if it wasn't for weekend dating we would never have met and we both had circumstances that almost prevented us from being there. I didn't know I could love someone as much as I love him and I am so thankful that your event brought us together.

We tell our friends that they have to do it too because it really works.

Monday November 26, 2012

Because of you I met the man I intend to spend my life with. Thank you so much!

HurryDate's Tips and Advice on How to Succeed at Speed Dating

Watch this awesome video! Here is why I do one way matches. Christian and Leshelle married in I think, lol All of these years later, they are still happily married and have two beautiful children. Shushh, but originally Christian did not pick Lehselle. Watch the video on what happened video taken in at https: We will be married next June. I've been telling anyone who asked that they should definitely try weekend dating and that I thought the people at your event were nicer, more down to earth people than the people you meet at speed dating events in the city.

I know you keep track of your "success stories" engagements and weddings, happy couples, etc. I thought I would tell you that you can add another engagement to your list! Rob and I met almost 3 years ago at one of your Suffolk speed dating events. I had been to approximately 5 other events prior spread out over a couple years and always had more luck with speed dating than I had online. Rob had never been to one he go t lucky his first time out lol. Anyway, a married couple who had also met speed dating was running the event that night.

It was a lot of fun as always. Rob said he drove by the place several times as his friend who was supposed to go that night too cancelled and he was thinking of backing out.

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I am so glad he didn't!!! We hit it off right away although I did not hear from him afterward even though we matched and I broke my rule and contacted him first after about a month lol. As soon as we got in touch we went out that weekend and have been together ever since. Last month he proposed on the bow bridge in Central Park and we are planning a June wedding at one of the wineries out east where he lives and where I will be living next year too.

We couldn't be happier or more in love and we have you to thank for it. Before the event started, I spotted this person who I was attracted to, but did not know if he was there for the event or not.

Speed Dating Success Stories

It turns out he was there for speed dating too. He was the second person I spoke to and we just hit it off. We stayed after it was over and chatted for a while. We then left together and went to a place to hear music. He asked me out the next night and we have been going out ever since. We have so much in common. We are both widowed and have many of the same interests. I have had a fantastic summer doing many special things with him.

We have gone away together twice and enjoyed every minute. We do not analyze anything but just enjoy the time we have together. Things look very positive for us as our relationship moves forward. I will say that we are both very happy. Thank you so much.

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  6. Don't leave, at least stay and have something to eat. Never could I have imagined that these special 10 words was going to change two people's lives forever. Because in either game - life or football - the margin for error is so small. I mean, one half a step too late or too early and you don't quite make it.

    One half second too slow, too fast and you don't quite catch it. The inches we need are everywhere around us. Lets rewind exactly one year ago from this past Sunday to August 10, I was hosting a singles BBQ in Bethpage. The BBQ's are a lot of fun and are very informal. At this particular event the ages was skewing a little "older.

    I could tell that she was keeping a brave face, but the guys were a little bit too old for her. Then I said those magical 10 words. I called Omar who was closer to Jackie's age and had expressed some possible interest in attending the BBQ and told him that we had some cute younger women in attendance and he should come down and register. Omar said that he was with Chris and that they were going to the city but would try to stop by on the way. Thankfully they did because as the story goes The rest was history.

    Lets fast forward to this past Sunday, August 10th, It was an honor to have been invited back to the place where it all began. It really made me think about that Al Pacino speech. What if Jackie had left early and not stayed for the food? I will keep this story in mind the next time I want to leave someplace early or decide that I really do not want to do something.. You just never know how not missing that experience could have a tremendous impact on your life.

    I can't thank you enough for the effort you put into helping people find one another. We are so in love and looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together. Thanks so much for introducing me to my future husband. Hi Jay As the Daughtry song says, "you never know when you're gonna meet someone and your whole wide world in a moment comes undone. We went on our first date about a week later and have been inseparable ever since. It truly was "the start of something good. Congrats to Brian and Suzanne!! The rest is as they say history.

    We are engaged now and are in the process of moving in together. We couldnt be happier. Jay, just wanted to thank you! We met at one of your events at 34 New Street in Huntington.

    Weekend Dating Singles Speed Dating Succes Stories-Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, NYC

    Wedding date set for May this year! You changed our lives!! Things usually come in threes.. This is the second great bit of news in just a few days.. So who is next?? In case you would like to add to your success stories, Dennis Acar and I got married in and we just had twins in a boy - Shane and a girl - Sofia. Thanks to your weekend dating service our dreams have now come true!!! We thank you immensely JJJ. I hope all is well by you!!

    On November 2, , I had the pleasure of reuniting with nine couples whose lives have changed forever. I took them to dinner at Allettos in Lindenhurst.

    If I had any doubt about the true purpose of WeekendDating. Jay, hello to you! I attended an event at Katies Smithtown in November of where I met my now fiance. I wrote you in to let you know that we were moving in together, now I would like to let you know that we are getting married. We were engaged last October at Niagara Falls! We will be married this coming October. I thought you would want to know about another successful match!

    Thanks for all of the good you do to help couples find each other. Regards, Diane and Tom. Our events work because they're relaxed, informal and above all fun.

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    And here is the irony to speed dating - I firmly believe that this fun, relaxed approach is more successful for establishing long term matches than the more traditional 'I'm here to meet the one' events.