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It was Ginny's turn to host the dinner at her and Neville's home and Ron and Caroline had arrived early to help out. Caroline and Ginny were in the kitchen preparing pre dinner snacks when Caroline brought up a common subject. Caroline walked over to place the dips and chips out on the table in front of Ron while Neville was getting some drinks when he turned around to answer her question. Ron was shovelling biscuits into his mouth and when Neville brought his drink back he washed it down as he looked at Ginny with a questioning look.

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He knew what they meant and they were all overreacting. They are always touching each other and fixing each other, bloody annoying actually when you live with it, but it is normal for them. You're putting too much into this. Once these three got going with this subject it always got out of hand and plus Harry and Hermione would be there any minute.

Neville was the Professor for herbology when Professor Sprout retired. Neville was her first choice for a replacement and he loved his job immensely. He had really come out of his shell and as funny as it sounds, he was actually very close to Professor Snape at work.

What If Hermione Chose Harry?

Ginny worked with Ron in the Quidditch shop and she thoroughly enjoyed it. She also ran Quidditch classes for children and that took up most of her afternoons and some days. This worked in well as Neville always worked late so she wasn't home alone for very long.

Caroline was actually out of a job when she met Ron, but once he introduced her to the twins, she was hired immediately. She was trained in book keeping and the twins loved that she would join in with their pranks and didn't take life so seriously, as well as keeping their books in great order. The conversation of Hogwarts was well under way when there was a knock on the door and Ginny jumped up to answer it.

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When she opened the door she found Harry and Hermione laughing and Hermione jumping around. Harry was standing behind her and was tickling her mercilessly. She couldn't stand up straight and was threatening to drop the box of cakes she had purchased for dessert. The hellos were echoing through the small unit and Ginny walked out of the kitchen with some drinks. Ron and Caroline were stretched out on the lounge and Neville and Ginny were sitting on each others lap which left one single chair.

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  5. Harry plonked down and patted his lap for Hermione to sit down and she didn't hesitate. There were a few eye signals that passed between Neville, Ginny and Caroline but Harry and Hermione didn't notice. The conversation was light and fun and the three couples had a few laughs at the expense of some of the students in Neville's class.

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    At least thats what he thinks until one day, an event in his life changes everything he thought he knew about himself.