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And if he starts to talk about EX on your second date, I think he doesn't see you as the future girlfriend or anyone serious. As other people suggest here, the rules are applicable for men regardless the nationalities. In my personal experience, they would do a lot to win your heart if they really like you, sometimes even sacrifice a lot if necessary, much more than western guys, so you will definitely know! RJF 9 yrs ago KaileyB, what a rule you got there and could not agree with you more. But so are men.

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When it comes to dating, generally, Asian men are not different from any other. My dear, if it is not gonna work out or going to work out, you know by instinct and you'll part of the whole show. Those 'funny' ancient thoughts of who-call-who or who-calls-first should be non-issue in the present world. Go for what you want and if what you want doesn't want you, move on.

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Between note that life in HK and relationship are tactfully managed. Cheers and good luck! There are some who would, though, I met one before and there is a possibility that they wrongly believe it'll make them look more attractive SmileandJoy 8 yrs ago The only way to change for most guys is to actually have their limiting beliefs disproved right before their eyes. Find an Asian guy who is very successful with women, someone who can mentor and show by their actions and results that limiting beliefs are stupid. Someone who can once and for all shatter these thoughts.

By the way, if you find your date was boring check out this cute tips form this site and I assure you, you will enjoy it.

Top 5 Tips For Dating Girls From Hong Kong

This person only contacted me when he wanted some company, not necessarily Note to ladies- don't overthink like I did. If he likes you he will let you know by spending time with you and asking you out before the last date ends! Don't waste your time like I did!

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I am now happily getting to know someone who is well worth my time. You must be logged in to be able to reply. Support Hong Kong Business!

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You have reached the maximum number of listings for your package 0. The male average is slightly older. This leads to two types of people having the most problems finding a partner: But love still finds its way.

Hong Kong people do go on dates, and asking a woman out is not an intention to marry. Dating is traditional in the Western sense — the man is supposed to pay, bring a small gift, possibly take the woman home in a taxi before heading home himself. The Hong Kong woman, stereotype has it, wants it both ways — to be considered an equal and arguably a superior, and still get the benefit of traditional gender roles when it suits her. But remember — the city is full of men and women from elsewhere in China as well as a myriad of other countries, and relying on stereotypes for your information is a dangerous game.

Hong Kong, of course, has long had a large marriage pool of foreigners complicating the issue. These range from the boisterous banker boys to long-term foreign residents, to less privileged foreign domestic helpers.

Cross-cultural dating can both simplify and complicate issues. In terms of Western men and local women — the most common combination — the classic problem is of men here for the short-term with no intention of committing, and women who may not realise or believe this.

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Hong Kong has a big party scene and is perceived as a place where white men in particular punch above their weight — the man who considers himself of average looks and charm in his home country may find himself more in demand. You can read more about the expat dating scene in Hong Kong in this article by Sebastian Harris. But while intentions may be harder to decipher and cultural confusion may cause hurtful misunderstanding, the foreign partner can also circumvent social expectations. He or she will not be expected to observe all the family niceties and can blunder along saying the wrong thing to a future mother-in-law without being held responsible.

Anecdotally, Western women also report difficulty finding partners here — Western men tend to date Asian women, and local men show less interest in them.