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I knew there was a little something when Minty brought drinks for Lewis and Teutron on the House of Hell livestream.

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They had a little moment that I noticed but I forgot about it until just now. Heh, I d had this niggling feeling over the last few months whenever I saw you two on Twitter!

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He made his first appearance on 11 March In his initial appearances, he was credited by his real name, Rick. His nickname was given to him because he was always late for work, turning up " after eight " when he was an apprentice mechanic.

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In April it was reported that the character was to be axed, and his last appearance was broadcast on 21 September Minty and his flatmate Darren Miller Charlie G. Minty gives the tickets to Darren to look after, but they end up destroyed in the wash, when Darren leaves them in his pocket. An enraged Minty orders Darren to move out of the flat, and tells him he is going to South Africa anyway as he still has his flight ticket and will use Darren's cash he saved for the flight as spending money.

Minty was originally scripted as a guest character in He was only due to appear in a few episodes, but actor Cliff Parisi's contract was extended and Minty was turned into a series regular. Originally scripted as a less sympathetic character than he went on to become, Minty was given a backstory linking him to the character Phil Mitchell Steve McFadden.

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Most of the drama is located here. For 3-ish years, women mostly have been accusing Sjin of being an online predator. There are many screenshots out there available summited from multiple victims of is manipulation.


There are very serious allegations that some of these girls were underaged. Teutron describes conversations about Sjin collecting and saving nudes of 16 year old girls when he first joined the group. These concerns were taken primarily to Kim and Hannah, who were very concerned and uncomfortable and passed them on to Lewis etc. Sjin was reprimanded and life went on.

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He continued to flirt and chat up female fans and made many people very uncomfortable. Hannah implies that she was forced to keep quite and that she was very uncomfortable doing so.

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Her reaction post-drama has been very telling, she is happily supporting Minty, Teutron, and now moderators that have decided to severe their association with the group.