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The Safe Drinking Water Act requires us to monitor water quality all year. At the end of each year, we put together a Consumer Confidence Report. Then we mail that report to every business and residential customer that gets our water.

Township to enforce 1978 law, costing residents thousands to hook up to sewer system

If you're a water customer, you'll get a copy of the Consumer Confidence Report with your bill once per year. But if you misplaced your copy or need another one, it's available below. The Commission reviews these recommendations and approves and adopts them.


Each customer community has a seat on the UAB. While wholesale communities are not represented, they negotiate fair contracts with the City of Grand Rapids. For more about the UAB, check out the links below. These are the areas outside the Grand Rapids city limits that our Water System serves. Some of these communities are retail water customers , while others are wholesale water customers.

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Instead, these municipalities negotiate a fair contract with the City of Grand Rapids. All of these communities are wholesale water customers. A new policy allows us to replace lead service lines at no cost to homeowners. The policy applies if your home meets these requirements:.

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Make sure the water service leak qualifies as an emergency. Water service leaks on the private or public side qualify as emergencies. Negligent actions by the homeowner or contractor disqualify the service from a City-sponsored replacement. You'll need to sign a Water Service Agreement before work begins on your property. Contact us at if you need to report a leak. We call and send you mailers when there is an upcoming City project on your street. You need to sign a Water Service Agreement before work begins on your property.

If you don't meet one of the two service line conditions, you can still have your lead service line replaced.


You'll just need to pay for it yourself. You can use a Ten-Pay program to spread the cost over 10 years. You'll pay a small interest rate. The City of Grand Rapids is proud of the high-quality and safe drinking water that we provide our customers every day, and we take this responsibility very seriously. Currently, there is no regulatory drinking water standard for PFAS chemicals. The State of Michigan has adopted the 70 ppt combined limit as well.

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There are other states and regulatory institutions that are recommending lower limits. Check out the current and proposed recommendations here. In , and with improved test methods, we mirrored testing conducted by the state. Results were similar to that of the states.

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PFAS testing is in its infancy, and we are limited in what the laboratory equipment is able to detect. As testing methods continue to be developed, the reporting limits of these tests have improved. In previous testing using the EPA Method , the detection limits were in the 20 ppt to 30 ppt range. Detection limits are now as low as 2 ppt. As laboratories improve methods to better detect these compounds, we will continue to monitor our results and publish them. Our test results showed what was expected: PFAS-related compounds have been in use around Lake Michigan for decades and a very small amount is present.

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We will continue to aggressively sample and test our water in accordance with state regulatory requirements and release our results. We also will continue to use the best available methods and technology in our water testing. If you have any questions about our results, testing or anything related to your water, please contact or Interested in seeing the areas we serve?

We keep a map or our retail customers and wholesale customers. Are you looking to determine the water pressure at a specific location?

Water and Sewer Services

Application for Residential Irrigation Meter. If your home has an irrigation system for watering your lawn and landscaping, you may want to consider the installation of an irrigation meter. The use of an irrigation system will cause a higher usage bill for customers who use their system frequently. Because your quarterly sewer billing is based on the metered water usage, the installation of an irrigation meter can reduce the customer's charges for sewer usage.

When an irrigation meter is installed, all the water that goes through the irrigation meter to the outside will be charged a water rate only. The sewer billing will be charged on the water that the domestic meter house meter uses. Steps to take to install an Irrigation Meter: The Water and Sewer Department completes a rate study every fall and reviews the projected revenue requirements for the coming year. Please click on the current years adopted ordinance for the rates and charges. Please call the Byron Gaines Utility Authority for more information. Gaines Charter Township maintains this web-site to enhance public access to information.

Content is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as certified, unless so stated. Remember to put FOG where it belongs! Click here for details. The Byron Gaines Utility Authority manages the operation and maintenance of our water and sewer system.