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I heard one guy I met from there say, "I hate paying full price for anything" in reference to a dresser.

But I think he also applies it to relationships. Put in nothing, get whatever you can, if it doesn't work out, it didn't cost anything. Does it apply across the board? But I just joined EH and it's a different class of men. I don't know if they are better yet, they may have a different group flaw and will absolutely have their own personal flaws.

But they actually seem to be taking it seriously. Before I found LS, I used to read the PoF forums and there were only a few lone voices who I thought seemed 'sensible' and 'on the ball'. Most seemed highly focused on sex and no matter what the conversation would take the opportunity to flirt and derail threads with sex talk.

Many posts were also very poorly written and too laden with textspeak and spelling errors. Didn't register on the main dating site because I was put off by what I read on the forums and glancing through the profiles, I get the same impression as you, xpaperxcutx, regarding the the guys on there and we're not even in the same country! I think the slightly geekier guys on OKC are more compatible with me. OKC, for some reason, everytime I do a search, I see nothing but obese women, not sure why it's sorting with just overweight women, but for some reason it does, so when I click on their profile, and I see the listing of women NEXT to their profile in my area, I see thinner women, so I click on those to the right, to find the women I'm interested in.

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Originally Posted by january I did hear that POF is loaded with married people in the guise of single people. I don't like paid dating sites, because most of the women there paid subscribers either, so you're wasting your money contacting them. Originally Posted by irc Originally Posted by Intricategirl. Last edited by Leeway Harris; 23rd February at 9: Originally Posted by Leeway Harris.

I agree with you, but I think it's true of a lot of the women too. You're right, there's no investment on a free site, except the time it takes to make a profile and upload some pictures, and a lot of women on POF don't even bother with the profile. I don't know about the guys, probably pretty similar I assume. I recently moved back home to my parents' house, so I obviously couldn't have her stay at my place. Her daughter lives at her apartment, so we couldn't go back there, because it would be awkward for her. I even considered renting a motel room, but she didn't want me to spend money on a motel room considering that she would only be there for a couple hours since she has to get up early anyway.

So we went to her car and kissed and did some foreplay on the back seat. Eventually we had sex. I pulled out before the orgasm. She told me that she is fertile, has her period every 28 days, and she doesn't have menopause yet, but she is 46 years old. What are the chances that a 46 year old would get pregnant? Last edited by RedZin; at Edited out the graphic details. Keep it PG in here. Hepatitis A and B.

Congrats on losing your virginity.

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You shouldnt have had sex with her to begin with, let alone without a condom. I edited the OP's post. Originally Posted by Dport I wonder grand ma want to get pregnant any more But too much details not needed for us. Respect has to be earned. I meant respectful, as in manners. Thank you for your military service.

There is a difference between respect and manners. This led to multiple exchanges of her bragging about her Literature degree despite her obvious lack of vocabulary skills. Seems she forgot what she wrote in her own profile. I have more respect for the dogs I served with in Iraq than I do you.

Cutting the crap early on, in online dating.

However, the next time her profile showed up, the main picture was empty. She talked about how classy she was and Keymaster caught that she had taken a selfie in a public bathroom. She was completely oblivious that a selfie taken in a public restroom was the complete opposite of class.

Also, still many of the same girls that have been on there since Only their requirements have dropped…. She still wanted to talk and something came up about her friends. Herd mentality kicked in and she broke contact. Funny how those guys like fat hogs on their hogs. Remember, this is a single, overweight mom with mostly high angle cleavage shots. I mentioned the hours that I worked. She makes a comment about how I need to be the boss like her. She left a bewildered goodbye. One picture looked meh, but one would look stunning.

All face shots mind you. We texted a good long while, at least a couple hours. I was actually wondering if this would pan out.

How can woman go that long without putting her foot in her mouth? Eventually, the talk turned to things of a sexual nature. I know you would be happy. My ex-girlfriends nickname for me was cunnalingus. Still, the conversation continued about sex and what have you for a good, long while. We got on the subject of kissing and it followed exactly as above exchange. It led to this:. More on this later. You wear yummy cologne?

Cologne is a deal breaker? Those are easy fixes. This was a colossal waste of time. Are you really out? I explained how this was doomed as she would hate my lack of cologne, hi-tops and Batman shirt.

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We can still meet. Have a pleasant evening. Some time goes by. Some more time goes by. Yet more time goes by. You sound like a bitter woman. We meet for coffee….